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Re: [tor-talk] Firefox, Adobe, and DRM

    Hi Gerardus,

  I don't really know, I am not involved in this project at all. Also, I
am not a believer in DRM – no matter how sophisticated, I am pretty sure
that a graphics driver can easily defeat it, and if such drivers do not
exist yet, I am sure that they will. Perhaps it can also be defeated in
other layers, I have not investigated.


On 15/05/14 22:21, Gerardus Hendricks wrote:
> Hi David,
> I can sympathize with the position that Mozilla has taken concerning W3C
> EME. I'm left with a related question though:
> Suppose that the (necessarily closed-source) DRM component is completely
> sandboxed and separated from the rest of the code, so that its only
> inputs are the encrypted stream and some unique key/token, and its only
> output is a buffer of decrypted frames.
> (this illustration by Mozilla paints that picture nicely:
> https://hacks.mozilla.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/CDM-graphic.png )
> Then what prevents the open-source Firefox application, that needs to
> 'render' that framebuffer into a nice window with shiny buttons, from
> cleanly reading and saving that buffer of decrypted frames to file?
> If the answer is "there is no protection", then it seems insane that
> 'the bad, evil industry' would allow such sandboxing of a DRM component.
> This might already have been discussed elsewhere, but I haven't been
> able to find that discussion. Any pointers would be welcome.
> Regards,
> Gerard

David Rajchenbach-Teller, PhD
 Performance Team, Mozilla

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