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Re: [tor-talk] âTor and HTTPSâ: visualization of information leaks

> The SVG should now use the default âsans-serifâ font and be ok. The
> PNG are still using Amiri and do not look too awful at first
> sight.

The words I pointed out are still messed-up in the PNGs, but other
than that everything looks fine as you say.

> I believe the translation for ISP to be too long. Is there any
> shorter string that could convey the meaning?

To be honest, 'ISP' in Roman script is probably attaining the kind of
currency that 'WiFi' enjoys. What I wrote is the full 'Internet
Service Provider'.

Likewise, for NSA I put 'National Security Agency' as I thought the
full words were more likely to have the desired effect in places where
'NSA' doesn't mean much. One could do as Rejo Zenger has and substitute
the name of the local agency, but that's less easy for a regional
language like Arabic, and most versions (inc. Chinese) have stuck with
NSA. (You might also argue that the NSA is a more pressing concern for
many Arabic monoglots.)

So the English acronyms 'ISP' and 'NSA' might be better than my
translated versions.

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