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Re: [tor-talk] âTor and HTTPSâ: visualization of information leaks

> harmony:
>> Lunar:
>>> The SVG should now use the default âsans-serifâ font and be ok.
>>> The PNG are still using Amiri and do not look too awful at
>>> first sight.
>> The words I pointed out are still messed-up in the PNGs, but
>> other than that everything looks fine as you say.
> *sigh*  I belive âpasswordâ is wrong because of the mishandling of 
> bidirectionality. Is there a way to have only Arabic and drop
> latin symbols from that string?



> For âconnectionâ, I can try with the other fonts you've mentioned,
> but I would be happy if you could tell me what I should be looking
> at. :)

Now that I look again, I think that's just the style of the font
coupled with the smallness of the image (and my bad eyes), rather than
a problem with the rendering. Thanks for fixing it.
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