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Re: [tor-talk] Proxy before Tor in Qubes: Tor bootstrap stops at 80%

On 5/25/16, katerimmel@xxxxxxxxxxx <katerimmel@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Done some changes

If tor over tor doesn't work, then it's something with
the firewall/vm setup. Or it's an issue with --socks5proxy
since that may not be used/tested by many people (let
me know and i'll try to test --socks5proxy).

If tor over tor does work, then it's something with jondo's
interface, or the firewall/vm setup.

> "Tor bootstrap result
> ERROR139
> (check_socks_port_open_test:22)
> (tor circuit not established)

Tor's --PreferSOCKSNoAuth can also affects some users.
See the man page.
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