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Re: [tor-talk] [tor-relays] Explain yourself Conrad Rockenhaus

correction: *or someone not related to Tor

> I prefer to see trolls posting rather than someone from the military
> (specially USA). Aside from that this is technical list if im not
> mistaken so trolls or military or related to Tor shouldnt moderate
> anything in here in the first place because that would be meaningless.
> Mirimir:
>> On 05/02/2019 02:10 AM, Herbert Karl Mathé wrote:
>>> I strongly believe certain issues need be brought up into conscious, and into presence: into discussion, actually.
>>> Therefore appreciating this as it might fit too well into context, at the same time definitely deprecating 'filth' and similar.
>>> Keeping things below surface, or trying so, has too often proven to be a very bad idea as these will come up sooner or later anyway, then with much higher magnitude. Even worse, trust is then destroyed.
>>> --
>>> Herbert Karl Mathé
>> I met Conrad online in September 2013, not long after the Washington
>> Navy Yard shootings. Which is how I remember when. He mentioned that he
>> was serving in the Navy then. And I vaguely recall that he's posted on
>> Tor lists about the military using Tor.
>> Also, it's disgusting that he's been moderated off the Tor lists, while
>> trolls who have trash talked him are still posting.
>> <SNIP>
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