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Re: Tor limitation

Here's an easy solution for our buddies under commie control: SET UP MORE TOR EXIT NODE & DIR SERVERS! It's not tha hard! ;)

Darren Griffith wrote:
Many  of  the Chinese who are using tor are complaining that it is too
slow  to be usable by them. I imagine that those who feel they need to
use this program don't mind it being at about dial-up speeds.

I'm in Beijing and I'm happy that Tor is there when I need it. In
fact, en.wikipedia.org is now blocked by my ISP, so Tor is almost
essential. But yes, it's pretty slow, though I'm patient. Only lately,
I'm consistently getting DNS lookup failures, and that's what's mostly
eroding my experience of using Tor all the time. (I know I should
change the config of my client to give more logging info so I can
track down this bad exit node, but I haven't made the effort yet.)

Darren Paul Griffith


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