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Re: Tor limitation

yes I really want to use an exit node that is located behind the great

On 11/14/05, ADB <firefox-gen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here's an easy solution for our buddies under commie control: SET UP MORE
> TOR EXIT NODE & DIR SERVERS! It's not tha hard! ;)
> ~Andrew
> Darren Griffith wrote:
> Many of the Chinese who are using tor are complaining that it is too
slow to
> be usable by them. I imagine that those who feel they need to
use this
> program don't mind it being at about dial-up speeds.

> I'm in Beijing and I'm happy that Tor is there when I need it. In
> en.wikipedia.org is now blocked by my ISP, so Tor is almost
essential. But
> yes, it's pretty slow, though I'm patient. Only lately,
I'm consistently
> getting DNS lookup failures, and that's what's mostly
eroding my experience
> of using Tor all the time. (I know I should
change the config of my client
> to give more logging info so I can
track down this bad exit node, but I
> haven't made the effort yet.)

Darren Paul
> Griffith

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