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Re: Marketing Tor (Was Re: For those using Tor with windows)

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Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:
> I for one would be willing to pay for private network access, by the way. :) I 
> can see a serious gain in throughput from a network of machines with 
> commercial, more "fully bi-directional" connections. And given enough nodes 
> of course, it would be nearly as secure as a free public supported version 
> with the notable exception that a commercial entity is a single point of 
> compromise. The conspiracy nut in me could envision a scenario where an owner 
> might be served a warrant with a gag order that effectively compromised the 
> entire network in one fell swoop. :(

What would be the purpose of running Tor in a private single-owner network?
The network owner knows who you are and what you do, so unless you know you
can trust them _and_ they won't surrender to legal or hacker attacks you're
out of luck.

You can just skip the Tor part and use a private SSH tunnel such as
Privacy.li, that'll give you the same amount of security.


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