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Re: Marketing Tor (Was Re: For those using Tor with windows)

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Eugen Leitl wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 04:19:23PM +0100, Christian Siefkes wrote:
>>What would be the purpose of running Tor in a private single-owner network?
> Being able to buy a speedy, reliable service? (Besides, with peering it 
> could be a private multi-owner network mosaic, only with guaranteed throughput).

Well, a multi-owner network would be a different matter. However, I suppose it
would be hard to ensure a fair distribution of money and traffic. (Basically,
how do you make sure that none of the nodes lies about the amount of traffic
it transported, without keeping extensive logs that might endanger the
security of the network?)

>>The network owner knows who you are and what you do, so unless you know you
>>can trust them _and_ they won't surrender to legal or hacker attacks you're
> If there are no logs there is nothing to surrender. 

They can still be forced to install a wiretap to monitor future traffic. It
has happened in Germany (the JAP case) and it could happen again.

> As to hackers, systems
> can be sufficiently hardened and monitored.

Well, you could try.

>>You can just skip the Tor part and use a private SSH tunnel such as
>>Privacy.li, that'll give you the same amount of security.
> I don't know the people behind privacy.li. Are these the usual suspects?

I have no idea, I just gave them as an example.

> Static SSH tunnels are somewhat of a sitting duck, too. Tor is more dynamic.

I still don't get how a private Tor single-owner network would differ from a
private SSH tunnel, in terms of privacy I mean.


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