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Re: Marketing Tor (Was Re: For those using Tor with windows)

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 04:19:23PM +0100, Christian Siefkes wrote:

> What would be the purpose of running Tor in a private single-owner network?

Being able to buy a speedy, reliable service? (Besides, with peering it 
could be a private multi-owner network mosaic, only with guaranteed throughput).

> The network owner knows who you are and what you do, so unless you know you
> can trust them _and_ they won't surrender to legal or hacker attacks you're

If there are no logs there is nothing to surrender. As to hackers, systems
can be sufficiently hardened and monitored.

> out of luck.
> You can just skip the Tor part and use a private SSH tunnel such as
> Privacy.li, that'll give you the same amount of security.

I don't know the people behind privacy.li. Are these the usual suspects? 
Static SSH tunnels are somewhat of a sitting duck, too. Tor is more dynamic.

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