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Re: Marketing Tor (Was Re: For those using Tor with windows)

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 09:56:33AM -0500, Jeffrey F. Bloss wrote:

> I don't believe this is the case though. These three or four Tor clients are 
> being used as access points to the existing, free Tor network we all know and 
> love. They're  using the network's anonymity, cover traffic, and the 
> bandwidth donated by node owners, for profit.  If it were a private network 
> scenario I agree... it wouldn't be an issue at all.

Allright, these are sleazy scumbags.
> I would certainly hope that at the very *least* a for-profit Tor node would 
> function as a public node, and help move "normal" Tor traffic along with 
> traffic generated by its customers.

The problem is that you can't guarantee a given latency and throughput
with a network outside your control. Of course, one could also sell 
VServers connected with OpenVPN, with Tor/Privoxy which would participate
on the network, when in use. Getting users to pay for the traffic they're not
generating, even if it's relatively cheap (say, 0.20 EUR/GByte) won't be
too easy, though.
> But as you say this is mostly a matter of personal ethics. Some people have 
> them, some don't.
> I for one would be willing to pay for private network access, by the way. :) I 

Do you think there's a business potential in a OpenVPN-based darknet?

> can see a serious gain in throughput from a network of machines with 
> commercial, more "fully bi-directional" connections. And given enough nodes 

Root server prices are quite low these days, as is traffic, and the trend
is further down.

> of course, it would be nearly as secure as a free public supported version 
> with the notable exception that a commercial entity is a single point of 
> compromise. The conspiracy nut in me could envision a scenario where an owner 

A few commercial entities peering traffic (I'll route yours if you route
mine) would be quite immune against that attack.

I'm a bit pessimistic about users being ready to pay for commercial
anonymizing services. We'll see..

> might be served a warrant with a gag order that effectively compromised the 
> entire network in one fell swoop. :(

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