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Re: Marketing Tor (Was Re: For those using Tor with windows)

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 05:17:50PM +0100, Christian Siefkes wrote:

> Well, a multi-owner network would be a different matter. However, I suppose it
> would be hard to ensure a fair distribution of money and traffic. (Basically,

You have exchange interfaces between the peers (there won't be very many), 
and measure traffic there. Throttle dynamically to achieve equilibrium,
or charge for overtraffic. Equilibrium would be best, since requiring
zero cash flow.

> how do you make sure that none of the nodes lies about the amount of traffic
> it transported, without keeping extensive logs that might endanger the

The interface traffic passes through a node owned by you, and you
measure it using accounting solutions operated by you. 

> security of the network?)

The Tor traffic is encrypted, so I don't see how knowing "I pumped 100 GByte
today to A, and recieved 89 GB from A) could endanger anonymity.

Keeping egress logs is different, but nothing prevents Tor operators
from sniffing cleartext traffic today.
> > If there are no logs there is nothing to surrender. 
> They can still be forced to install a wiretap to monitor future traffic. It
> has happened in Germany (the JAP case) and it could happen again.

With multihomed commercial Tor, you'd require a tap at every point,
and sophisticated traffic analysis to boot.
> > As to hackers, systems
> > can be sufficiently hardened and monitored.
> Well, you could try.

If there are no exploitable flaws in Tor itself a Tor appliance
which does nothing else, running on a secure, hardended OS is
reasonably difficult to crack.
> > Static SSH tunnels are somewhat of a sitting duck, too. Tor is more dynamic.
> I still don't get how a private Tor single-owner network would differ from a
> private SSH tunnel, in terms of privacy I mean.

Single-owner operating multiple Tor nodes would have to jump through
more loops if the routes are dynamic. I would not rely on services of a
single-home vendor, agreed.

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