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Re: ATTN: for-profit Tor operators

a scheme similar to what is used on edonkey could be used, a ratio
scheme. the amount of bandwidth provisioned by default could be
calibrated to be a fixed ratio to originating traffic. or even better,
to an equal ratio. the client side would log the bandwidth usage, and
the server side would then subtract the provisioned relay traffic from
the used originating traffic. and vice versa.

On Wed, 23 Nov 2005 15:22:28 -0800, "Glymr Darkmoon"
<glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx> said:
> i should also point out that altering the tor software to ALWAYS be set
> up as a relay node would solve the problem of provision of the network.
> An exception should be possible for those on dialup connections, since
> their available bandwidth is miniscule. perhaps the easy way to do this
> is if you disable the relay function of tor it cuts the bandwidth down
> to dialup speed. this would then mean that true dialup users would not
> be inconvenienced by this, but those wishing to free ride on the tor
> network would be, and those who can free ride can help.
> since most users are lazy, making it relay by default would dramatically
> increase the size of the network.
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