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Re: EFF no longer funding Tor (was Re: ATTN: for-profit Tor operators)

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 02:01:24PM -0600, Mike Perry wrote:
> Actually, before the EFF is badmouthed for this action, it may be wise
> to consider that there are things going on behind the scenes that we
> simply cannot know. As I see it, there are a series of possibilities,
> in order of increasing likelyhood:

We don't need complex theories to explain it. They simply ran out of
money. They had to let go some of their actual employees too. This time
of year is never good for non-profits.

> The most pressing question is has the EFF's position on doing DMCA
> test cases changed? I see the website material on the matter has not
> been taken down, so hopefully that's a good sign.

Nothing has changed except they don't have money for funding Tor
development. They're still excited to work with us, and so far we (the
Tor project) are excited to continue working with them, since they have
a high profile and some smart lawyers, and part of the goal of Tor is
to be a catalyst to help change bad laws and bad policies.

Btw, amongst all the development and contracting stuff I'm trying to do, I
have finally come around to the side of reason, and I agree that we should
begin soliciting donations to pay for further Tor development. After
all, there is a huge amount of development, research, and usability work
that still needs to happen. This will let us not have to get distracting
other jobs, and in our wild dreams it will let us start paying a third
developer. Please contact me off-list if you have some experience making
this work right, with answers to such questions as "Is Paypal the right
way to go?" and "Are there ways to have people auto-pay each month?"