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Re: ATTN: for-profit Tor operators

On 11/28/05, Chris Palmer <chris@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Anthony DiPierro writes:
> > Actually I would say if anything the opposite is true.  By being an
> > operator itself, the EFF has standing to be involved in the cases
> > themselves, rather than simply providing free legal support to someone
> > else.
> You don't need standing to be counsel to a defendant.
> The rules for standing (in e.g. intervention) are actually pretty
> tricky, and simply being or not being a Tor operator is not necessarily
> enough:
> http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp/Rule24.htm
> --
> http://www.eff.org/about/staff/#chris_palmer

Thanks for the info and the correction.  I was aware that I was
oversimplifying, but perhaps I was oversimplifying a bit too much :).