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Connecting to special ports through Tor/Privoxy


Not sure it is the best place here for this topic, sorry if I mistake!

Config: Firefox 2 Privoxy Tor (Vidalia)

When I want to connect through Tor to special port as 8443 by https (Plesk panels), I simply cannot and always get a blank page. (Usual config for https is

To solve the problem, I have to delete all entries the https entry, and so I use the Socks5 proxy on

Earlier I used the multiproxy extension for Firefox, had one entry "tor (usual)" and one entry "Tor (Socks5)". So that was easy to change.

Using now TorButton, this isn't the same, as I have to edit the "Preferences" every time.

Isn't there a way (probably something to add in the Privoxy config?) to be able to connect through Tor to https://xxxxx:8443 without using the Socks5 proxy?

Thank you