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Re: Connecting to special ports through Tor/Privoxy

>> When I want to connect through Tor to special port as 8443 by https
>> (Plesk panels), I simply cannot and always get a blank page. (Usual
>> config for https is

> Some Privoxy configurations limit CONNECT to port 443
> or block it all together. By default Privoxy answers those
> request with an error message inside the HTTP headers because
> some user agents get confused otherwise. If you use a browser
> that hides HTTP headers, these error messages are obviously
> easy to overlook.

The problem isn't on the port 443, but 8443.

The Plesk addresses are https://domain/etc:8443

Usual addresses https work fine with my config, it is when I want to connect to the port 8443 that it fails. And I have no Privoxy error page, nothing. Just a blank page.