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Re: Connecting to special ports through Tor/Privoxy

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 07:58:43AM -0500, force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Some Privoxy configurations limit CONNECT to port 443
> > or block it all together. By default Privoxy answers those
> > request with an error message inside the HTTP headers because
> > some user agents get confused otherwise. If you use a browser
> > that hides HTTP headers, these error messages are obviously
> > easy to overlook.

> The problem isn't on the port 443, but 8443.

> The Plesk addresses are https://domain/etc:8443

> Usual addresses https work fine with my config, it is when I want to
> connect to the port 8443 that it fails. And I have no Privoxy error
> page, nothing. Just a blank page.

This is because your Privoxy is configured by default to only allow
HTTPS connections to port 443, as the original response to your question
stated. You need to configure Privoxy to enable HTTPS connections to
other ports.

This is a Frequently Asked Question - see
for the solution.

Dave Page <grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Jabber: grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx