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Re: Tor and NNTP

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 04:56:40PM +0100, Aioe wrote:

> I need a (server side) way to separate the tor users from the other
> ones: is this possible?

Yes, it is (and incidentally, thank you for supporting Tor). There is a
script which allows you to parse the "Tor directory", and see which Tor
servers will act as an "exit node" to your NNTP server. These servers
are the ones from which you will see connections.

The script is linked to from (among other places) the Abuse FAQ on
http://tor.eff.org/ - I cannot look up a direct link myself currently.

> I'm supposing to setup an "hidden service" which redirects all tor
> users to a non default *local* NNTP port in order to treat them
> differently from the other clients. In this way, when the tor users
> access the server from the main DNS system (as nntp.aioe.org) they're
> still subjected to the standard rules that are applied to all clients
> but when they use the .onion domain a different (less restrictive)
> policy can be applied to them.  Is this a right way? 

This looks like a sensible way to configure things. Your news server
will see connections to the "hidden service" as coming from localhost.

> If so, does tor allow to be configured in order to handle only my
> "hidden service" without providing any other tor service (my ISP
> doesn't like proxy and i've not much bandwidth)?

Yes, this should be possible.

Dave Page <grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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