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Re: Tor and NNTP

Aioe <estasi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I need a (server side) way to separate the tor users from the other
> ones: is this possible?
> I'm supposing to setup an "hidden service" which redirects all tor users
> to a non default *local* NNTP port in order to treat them differently
> from the other clients. In this way, when the tor users access the
> server from the main DNS system (as nntp.aioe.org) they're still
> subjected to the standard rules that are applied to all clients but when
> they use the .onion domain a different (less restrictive) policy can be
> applied to them.  Is this a right way? 

As this still relies on the users to get active and change their
settings it's probably a good idea to combine it with a Tor node that
allows (only) exits to your NTTP port.

This way Tor clients of lazy users should automatically pick
your node as exit and you can detect these requests on their
IP addresses as well. If I remember correctly this only works
from the second connection on, but I assume most of your user
use the first connection to fetch new articles anyway, therefore
this shouldn't be a problem.


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