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Re: Using Tor under Parallels

David O Smith <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm running an Intel-based Mac with Tor and Privoxy installed and
> working. I'm also running Windows XP under Parallels on the same Mac.
> I'm using Firefox on the Windows system.
> Firefox on the Windows Virtual Machine won't connect to the net. I've
> configured it to use the Proxy settings recommended on the web page
> (Proxy at 8118/Socks 5). All I get is a message that the
> proxy is refusing connections. How do I get round this, please?

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to convice Firefox
inside Parallels to connect to Privoxy running on the host system?

If that's the case you will either have to bind Privoxy to a
non-local listen address or skim through the Parallels documentation
to see if there's another way to reach the host's from
the guest system.


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