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Re: Using Tor under Parallels


Fabian Keil wrote:
Firefox on the Windows Virtual Machine won't connect to the net. I've
configured it to use the Proxy settings recommended on the web page
(Proxy at 8118/Socks 5). All I get is a message that the
proxy is refusing connections. How do I get round this, please?
If I understand you correctly, you are trying to convice Firefox
inside Parallels to connect to Privoxy running on the host system?
Whoops, I didn't get that, looks like I didn't read the original
mail thoroughly enough - scrap my first reply then.

If that's the case you will either have to bind Privoxy to a
non-local listen address or skim through the Parallels documentation
to see if there's another way to reach the host's from
the guest system.
Another possibility would be using a tool like rinetd or redir
to redirect $LAN:8118 to $LOCALHOST:8118 on the host. Not sure
if there's a Mac OS build of either of those tools though...