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Re: Using Tor under Parallels

Am 06.11.2006 um 13:38 schrieb Marco Gruss:

If that's the case you will either have to bind Privoxy to a
non-local listen address or skim through the Parallels documentation
to see if there's another way to reach the host's from
the guest system.
Another possibility would be using a tool like rinetd or redir
to redirect $LAN:8118 to $LOCALHOST:8118 on the host. Not sure
if there's a Mac OS build of either of those tools though...

the guest systems in parallels gets unique ip´s from your local dhcp- server (router). It looks like a "real" computer in your local lan. So you can make connection inside your lan the same way you do for a real system.

You have to look for the ip of you mac-system (e.g. Use this ip in the proxy settings of firefox in your guest-systems.

Of course you have to change the privoxy-setting to allow connection from your lan-ip-range. Change in the file config in your privoxy Folder (usually /Library/privoxy/) the setting "listen-adress" into "listen-adress: "your-mac-ip":8118". You have also to look for your firewall-settings etc.

nice system anyway, isnt it? .-)


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