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Re: Connecting to special ports through Tor/Privoxy

force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Config: Firefox 2 Privoxy Tor (Vidalia)
> When I want to connect through Tor to special port as 8443 by https
> (Plesk panels), I simply cannot and always get a blank page. (Usual
> config for https is

Some Privoxy configurations limit CONNECT to port 443
or block it all together. By default Privoxy answers those
request with an error message inside the HTTP headers because
some user agents get confused otherwise. If you use a browser
that hides HTTP headers, these error messages are obviously
easy to overlook.

> To solve the problem, I have to delete all entries the https entry, and
> so I use the Socks5 proxy on

> Isn't there a way (probably something to add in the Privoxy config?) to
> be able to connect through Tor to https://xxxxx:8443 without using the
> Socks5 proxy?

You can just make an exception or disable limit-connect for all sites:

If you use Privoxy 3.0.5 beta you could also enable:
to get the standard HTML error message for blocked sites next time
you try to CONNECT to a blocked port. Please read the fine print
about its limitations first.


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