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Torbutton 1.0.5 release candidate

I didn't receive any feedback on the last release candidate.  In this
udpate I have fixed it so that if the user changes the Tor proxy
preferences while Torbutton is enabled, those changes will be put into
effect when the preferences window is closed (instead of the previous
behavior where Torbutton disabled itself).

If I don't receive any feedback on this release, it will become version
1.0.5.  With this release, we also have eleven new locales.  These were
all translated using the 1.0.4 language files, but this release candidate
is going out to the translators and I anticipate that most if not all of
the new locales will be in the final release of 1.0.5.


Happy testing,

New to
  * bugfix: fix the about box in firefox 1.0
  * bugfix: set the toolbar button to the correct state upon insertion
            into the toolbar (ff >= 1.5 only, because 1.0 doesn't like me)
  * bugfix: clarify the wording of the one-liner extension description
  * misc:   new icons
  * misc:   keyboard shortcut re-assigned to ctrl-2 (ff2.0 conflict)
  * new:    previous proxy settings are restored after exiting tor mode
New to
  * new:    if the torbutton proxy settings are changed while torbutton is 
            enabled, then the active proxy settings are updated
  * new:    eleven new locales