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Re: Torbutton 1.0.5 release candidate

On Sun, Nov 12, 2006 at 01:48:14AM -0600, Scott Squires wrote:
> I didn't receive any feedback on the last release candidate.  In this
> udpate I have fixed it so that if the user changes the Tor proxy
> preferences while Torbutton is enabled, those changes will be put into
> effect when the preferences window is closed (instead of the previous
> behavior where Torbutton disabled itself).
> If I don't receive any feedback on this release, it will become version
> 1.0.5.  With this release, we also have eleven new locales.  These were
> all translated using the 1.0.4 language files, but this release candidate
> is going out to the translators and I anticipate that most if not all of
> the new locales will be in the final release of 1.0.5.
> http://freehaven.net/~squires/torbutton/testing/torbutton-

Hi Scott,

Looks pretty good to me. Here's another bug report while we're at it
though: I'm using custom proxy settings currently, because I'm using
Polipo on port 8123. When I click "use the recommended proxy settings"
it moves everything to 8118, which is reasonable, but when I then click
"use custom proxy settings" again, my old custom proxy settings are lost,
and I need to retype them. Maybe Torbutton could remember them somewhere?

>   * new:    eleven new locales

This is great. Can you document somewhere how these work? I guess there
are two pieces to this: first of all, how does it detect what language to
use? I suppose it inherits its language from one or more of the Firefox
config settings? Second, is there a page somewhere that describes how
to add a new locale? "Download these two pages and translate them" --
in UTF-8 or something else? How do you pick the name of your locale? If
you add a new string in a later Torbutton version, and nobody updates
the locale files, will Torbutton just use English for that string? What
about if you change the value of an existing string in a later Torbutton?

Do you credit your translators anywhere, or at least have a secret
list somewhere so you can track them down when you need an update? Once
there's a short instruction page up somewhere, I can try to get a lot
more translations for you, if you like.

And last, why is there a chrome.manifest and an identical
chrome.manifst? :)