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Re: Torbutton 1.0.5 release candidate

On Mon, Nov 20, 2006 at 12:32:43AM -0600, Scott Squires wrote:
> > When I click "use the recommended proxy settings"
> > it moves everything to 8118, which is reasonable, but when I then click
> > "use custom proxy settings" again, my old custom proxy settings are lost,
> > and I need to retype them. Maybe Torbutton could remember them somewhere?
> That can be arranged.  :)
> http://freehaven.net/~squires/torbutton/testing/torbutton-

Gah. I upgraded, and the fix didn't work for me. When I clicked on
'use custom proxy settings', they're all blank and zero. Minor bug
but ok. Then I set them, and they worked, but if I clicked on 'use the
recommended proxy settings' and then back on 'use custom proxy settings',
they'd be blank again.

But after restarting Firefox again, it all works nicely. Then I
uninstalled Torbutton and reinstalled, and it still works
fine. So, I cannot reproduce my bug report, so I guess there is no bug. :)

I'll try a different one: on Firefox 1.0, I can't unclick 'use privoxy'.
On looking closer, it looks like it's greyed out. Is this because I'm
not supposed to unclick it? If I'm not allowed to mess with it, can we
remove it from my menu entirely? I guess I'm a minority user so it's not
critical if it's hard to do.

> OK, I have updated the web site for version 1.0.5 and wrote pages about
> the preferences dialog and contributing localizations.
> http://freehaven.net/~squires/torbutton/index.1.0.5.html

Nice. Thanks!