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Re: Win32.Trojan.Agent appear when close Torpark

For what its worth, I forwarded your message to a colleague
at F-Secure. He may contact you directly, but in any case, I'll
et the list know what becomes of it if possible...

- ferg

-- "Total Privacy" <nosnoops@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Keep cool men, I don´t think you put trojans in Torpark, Tor or
Portable Firefox, 
however since I last week updated the antivirus and antispyware
database in my 
F-Secure firewall, I always get this warning when closing Torpark 1.5
(build on 
Tor v0.1.1.12) but never when I start the Torpark. This warning appear
even when 
I first mechanically disconnect the line from internet before closing
so it must be something already in the computer related to Torpark
Virus & Spy Protection has detected Win32.Trojan.Agent 
malware in your computer. 
It´s not possible to see into where the thing is (the warnings
"Included in" line 
is empty) and when I then choose either Quarantine or Delete, I get a
new warning 
telling this: 
Scan ended unexpectedly. There was an error reading an item. 
Because it occurr right after I done my weekly F-Secure update, it must
be an false alarme, or a detection of something freshly discovered that
not was detectable before (and in consequence perhaps not at the time
when this 
Torpark version was created). 

Hope somebode find a solution, if there is a problem at all. 

Well, as I already do a thread here, I´ll put in yet another fishing
this time e-gold, the subject was "Notification of e-gold payment via
Of course I didn´t click anything there either... 

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