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Re: Win32.Trojan.Agent appear when close Torpark

"Fergie" <fergdawg@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> For what its worth, I forwarded your message to a colleague
> at F-Secure. He may contact you directly, but in any case, I'll
> et the list know what becomes of it if possible...
> - ferg

For your knowledgement, after my last F-Secure update, the warnings 
not appear anymore. Perhaps a result of your colleague´s effort? 
I suppose they do comprehensive investigations everytime before 
turning a warning trigging properties off, to make it real unique 
that it wouldn´t miss real malwares with the same properties. 

Another thing, that may seems off topic, but isn´t because the 
structure of Tor system. I don´t understand why internet connections 
around the globe is possible at all, in particular with Tor that go 
between extra middle hops around. On the television we see reporters 
from far away places, who´s speak are delayed one or more seconds in 
the time of light and electricity going long ways to and from they 
phones by some link towers, then out to space and between satellites 
and back to eart for more link hops. 
Of what reason don´t the same apply on the internet? One packet sent, 
then wait a couple of seconds for it to reach desitination and the 
answer packet returns, then next packet and so on. In my imagination, 
only loading a non graphic website, or sending this email to the list 
would take for hours, or what? But apparently it don´t... 

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