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Re: Anonymous Blogging

That I don´t know, not my country. I may add that if anyone try 
my advice of installing surveillance camera and hidden recorder 
in the roof or floor, it´s very important to make the place 
around clear, or else the equipment could get over heated and 
put on a fire (IMHO that´s overkill for get rid of a keylogger). 
The more air cirkulation, the better. If any isolation material 
fill the space above roof or below floor, throw it out before 
you put equipment there to make a few feet of free space around. 

"Matthew MacGregor" <umgregor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Just an aside, in the UK, if an agency covertly installs a keylogger on
> your 
> computer do you, legally at least because I'm going to do it anyway, have 
> the right to remove it?
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> >   - getting a legal warrant to install a keylogger on your computer;
> >   - installing a keylogger on your computer illegally.
> >
> Your security should be an overall matter, where Tor is only for your
> internet security. The approach for safing the computer place differ
> according to the environment (that you shouldn´t reveal here).
> Several floor above ground in a concrete building, or a wooden house
> at the contryside, lonesome or full packed with people around.
> However, a simple solution to know if someone whitout traces (or
> even after a regular break in) had tampered with your computer, is
> to mount a hidden surveillance camera exactly up behind a corner of
> the room (a lined pinhole type, not a cordless broadcasting one).
> If it´s your own house of wood, it can be done from above the inner
> roof. You then somewhere have a surveillance recorder that start with
> moving at the time you aren´t there. The recorder could be between
> inner and upper roof, or below the floor in another room. Be sure
> no visible parts is around and not accessible without open some small
> screws to reach it (if under the floor, you may place a table or a
> piano above). Of course it´s not good enough with a webcam by the
> computer, recording into the computer.

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