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Re: Anonymous Blogging

>   - getting a legal warrant to install a keylogger on your computer;
>   - installing a keylogger on your computer illegally.

Your security should be an overall matter, where Tor is only for your 
internet security. The approach for safing the computer place differ 
according to the environment (that you shouldn´t reveal here). 
Several floor above ground in a concrete building, or a wooden house 
at the contryside, lonesome or full packed with people around. 
However, a simple solution to know if someone whitout traces (or 
even after a regular break in) had tampered with your computer, is 
to mount a hidden surveillance camera exactly up behind a corner of 
the room (a lined pinhole type, not a cordless broadcasting one). 
If it´s your own house of wood, it can be done from above the inner 
roof. You then somewhere have a surveillance recorder that start with 
moving at the time you aren´t there. The recorder could be between 
inner and upper roof, or below the floor in another room. Be sure 
no visible parts is around and not accessible without open some small 
screws to reach it (if under the floor, you may place a table or a 
piano above). Of course it´s not good enough with a webcam by the 
computer, recording into the computer. 

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