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Re: Re[2]: Win32.Trojan.Agent appear when close Torpark

Sadly, I later relize that solution didn´t work, because Torpark 
create different name on these tmp folders where killprocdll appear. 
Thuse it isn´t enough to put one of this into F-secure´s exclude 
list because there the full path is to be. 
An alternative solution that work, is to put the whole existence of 
Win32.Trojan.Agent into another of F-Secure´s excluding lists, but 
this is for me by far passed the limit of common sence (maybe my 
guts is not good enough to playing revolver russian roulette game) 
so I have to copy with that warnings window clicking every time 
I close Torpark. 
Therefore, a good solution would be if either the F-Secure did 
investigate killprocdll to see if it easily could be passed, or 
if you at the Torpark manufactoring did some code changes that 
plays clean with F-Secure (maybee as easy as some unnessecary 
danger looking text string is into the file, I know some antispy 
progs react on such simple things, I´m gonna soon examinate it 
in hexeditor to see, but you maybe already know if so are). 
Yes, I had seen your exciting cow site is real, my hope was 
that a trojan in Torpark was not real... 

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 17:03:25 -0600, "Arrakistor" <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> said:
> Excellent.  I'm  pleased  it  worked.  I'll  post this solution to the
> website. I'm glad the problem was just a phantom. However, Cult of the
> Dead Cow is quite real: http://www.cultdeadcow.com/cms/about_us.php3
> ST
> > Yup, it didd da trick!
> > Now I´ve added it to the F-secure exclude list (quite lonely there). 
> > About that "dead cow" thing, hope it wasn´t more than a grafitti tag 
> > sort of, or an old fashing "kilroy was here". 

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