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Re: Anonymous Blogging

> I am a political blogger in a sensitive country and I would like to
> try out TOR to make my blogging anonymous, as recommended by Reporter
> Without Borders (RSF) in their handbook. I understand that with TOR,
> there is little chance of the government tracing my original IP
> address when blogging. However, I have reasons to believe that my
> Internet connection is under constant surveillance and since my
> "blogging" from my PC to blogger.com is sent in clear text, what would
> TOR help me in this case? Is RSF assuming that the government has no
> access to its citizen's connection?

I setup http://livelyblog.com/ with SSL from http://cacert.org/ which means 
that you are not sending plaintext when blogging. But it is easy to see that 
you have a connection to that site (but not what is transferred), so you 
should use it in combination with Tor. 

But you don't need to use mine, there are plenty of other good services, just 
make sure it's small and free-speech friendly. Blogger.com IS NOT.

Refer to this thread: http://911blogger.com/node/4260 for information about 
the Google-owned Blogger.com service censoring blogs.

As for your Internet connection being under constant surveillance, this is 
likely true and quite common in criminal tyrannical regimes like Norway - and 
something commonly done to activist in the rest of the countries within the 
NATO alliance. Now, if you assume your Internet connection is monitored, you 
should consider everything related to your computer-security in the context 
of being under total surveillance.

For example, a normal telephone can and are being used as microphones with 
it's on the hook (This technology was developed by Swedish Ericsson in 1984, 
this is nothing "new"). So if, for example, you're using Skype and that 
connection is secure (computer security) then it really does not help much if 
government nazi are listening to you using your regular telephone while on 
the hook, using a parabolic microphone (the government terrorist only need to 
be in the building across the street and aim it at your window to listen to 
you) and on and on.

Tor will make it impossible for someone who are looking at your internet 
connection to find out what websites you are going to, including services 
like the CIA-connected 
service Blogger.com. 

It does sound like you should use Tor for your blogging.

But be very aware of all the other real world attacks you likely will be 
subject to outside of the strict field of your internet connection, where Tor 
does help. Tor does not help if the government nazi break into your home and 
place a tap inside your computer keyboard, or install a keylogger program on 
your computer, and on and on.

One last little detail; you shouldn't use Tor for sending plaintext at all, 
because the operators of the Tor exit nodes can see and snoop the unencrypted 
text going from the exit nodes to the sites you visit. A rule of thumb is to 
only use Tor for unencrypted connections where you don't send anything (when 
you are normally browsing the web..), only use Tor to send passwords over 
SSL - and other encrypted - connections.

Good luck. 

I used Tor when the criminal Norwegian government were monitoring my Internet 
connection, like in your situation. And even though it helped for that 
specific MINOR issue it did not help against all the other MAJOR issues 
typcially present when crimial regimes want to silence you, which is why I 
eventually fled that country (I'm not saying you should leave your country, 
leaving your friends, family, everybody, everything is .. quite sad, but .. 
sometimes it is the only alternative to government torture and harassment)

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