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Re: False certificates

> I noticed that, by connecting to some https domains from some exitnodes, I
> receive a warning of a false certificate. Closing the circuit and using
> another one (so another exit node) makes the things back to normal.
> I could identify only one exitnode, have still doubts for 2 others
> bach from Germany :
> Trying to go to login into the e-gold website.... Firefox warned me that
> the certificate I received has the same name than another one that is in my
> browser (the true one!!) but with another signature... Funny hey?

May I say THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE and needs to be investigated!!!

Gold is a very heavy element, and though it could melt, it does not pulverize. 
It also does not fall in value like the in-reality worthless (not) Federal 
(who has no) Reserve notes known as Dollars.

I do not admit using the e-gold website, but I find it extremely disturbing 
that Tor exit nodes are trying to present false certs when trying to visit 
the e-gold website. THIS IS A TOTAL OUTRAGE!

We need a in-depth investigation.

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