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Re: setup tor in private intranet

i am new to tor and was wondering if it is possible to setup tor in a private intranet without gateways to the internet?  i have to
assume it is, but where would i find documentation and code to build such a system?

Yep .. just setup your own DirServer. See : http://tor.eff.org/tor-manual.html.en


DirServer [nickname] [v1] address:port fingerprint
Use a nonstandard authoritative directory server at the provided address and port, with the specified key fingerprint. This option can be repeated many times, for multiple authoritative directory servers. If the "v1" option is provided, Tor will use this server as an authority for old-style (v1) directories as well. (Only directory mirrors care about this.) If no dirserver line is given, Tor will use the default directory servers: moria1, moria2, and tor26. NOTE: this option is intended for setting up a private Tor network with its own directory authorities.