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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

Thanks for continuing to fight for tor in Germany. You have all of our
support. Is there anything people outside Germany can do to help?
An injury to one is an injury to all,
Comrade Ringo Kamen

On Nov 14, 2007 10:43 AM, Mirko Thiesen <Mirko.Thiesen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hm, so I send a letter with a faked sender's address - what's that?
> > How many letters get sent daily, which have been anonymized? I get
> > letters with no sender's address at all - on the envelope. You never
> > really know from where a letter came, even less now with the letter
> > centers in Germany (stamped in a center which covers a wide region).
> > So, I don't know what's different there compared to tor???
> Well, they failed to understand the problem - and the actual crime commited.
> Saying that I helped a criminal by running a Tor node is like saying
> Deutsche Telekom helps criminals by providing telephone lines to them. It's
> like saying that American Airlines and United Airlines helped attacking the
> World Trade Center - after all *they* provided the aircrafts and thus the
> weapons which were used in order to attack the WTC. The latter example shows
> how stupid and braindead this argumentation is.
> Seriously, the actual crime was ordering something on amazon.de and entering
> someone else's address details. The crime was not using an anonymization or
> any kind of proxy at all. If the person who actually placed the order had
> not used Tor, the police could have possibly tracked them down. But would
> they have accused the actual criminal's ISP of aiding and abetting then? I
> don't think so. Frell, of course not!
> Bye, K&K,
> T-Zee
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