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Re: court trial against me -

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Hi Mirko,

1: by German law a Tor node admin is something like an access provider.
You are not responsible for your traffic. If the court have only an IP
address and you have a tor status log, they have nothing.

2: Tor is a legal service in Germany (today and yesterday, tomorrow we
will see). If you provided only a legal service, it is no way to
construct a case of aiding and abetting and you are not a disquieter or
something like that.

3: May be, there is a judge, who do not these facts. The law depends not
only on one judge. Dont give up.

4: You need help. Try to contact the following organizations:

  - AK Vorratsdatenspeicherung (data retention free contact form ;-) at
    http://www.vorratsdatenspeicherung.de/content/view/70/82/lang,de/ )

  - German Privacy Foundation e.V i.Gr. (data rentention free contact
    form at http://www.privacyfoundation.de/index.php?id=36 )

  - Humanistische Union e.V. (They have lawyers by training and they are
    interested in TOR.)

  - Chaos Computer Club,
  - Heise Verlag, try to contact the journalist H. Bleich

By the way (for other admins), it is not a good solution, to ignore the
first letter. Go to the "visit" and explain, what you have done and what
you have not done.

Mirko Thiesen schrieb:
> Good morning,

Good evening and sleep well,
you are not alone!