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Re: new perspektive for tor

Michael Schmidt wrote:
> „§ 113a Speicherungspflichten für Daten
> (6) Wer Telekommunikationsdienste erbringt und hierbei die nach Maßgabe
> dieser Vorschrift zu speichernden Angaben verändert, ist zur Speicherung
> der ursprünglichen und der neuen Angabe sowie des Zeitpunktes der
> Umschreibung dieser Angaben nach Datum und Uhrzeit unter Angabe der
> zugrunde liegenden Zeitzone verpflichtet.

how should this apply to tor? The application doesn't generate any
session data. Right? Thus there are no "original data" I could alter
before storing.

Supposed you are right and to store data would imply the obligation to
collect those data before. This means every router in the German part of
the Internet would have to run some kind of data collection like Cisco's
Netflow. Furthermore beneath IP layer 3 lies an entire universe of layer
1 and 2 CWDM, DWDM, and SDH network stuff which is completely
transparent to the Internet user. Since this new law applies to
telecommunication in general and not only to Internet in specific, one
would have to collect data from those systems, too.

How exactly to you collect and store data from a 80-color DWDM system
transmitting 10 GBit/s on each color?

regards, Olaf

DWDM dense wavelength division multiplexing
CWDM coarse wavelength division multiplexing