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Re: Tor blocking german nodes

> But I strongly suggest to discuss more and warn about using the
>  600+ router from China.


Tor is only for okey that what goes out of the exit is viewed by BigBrother & 
encrypted traffic.

Exit nodes in China isn't different from GCHQ logging all communications 
within the British Empire.

The to me interesting question is: Do China SHARE the data they collect with 
other countires? If the answer is NO then my humble opinion is that it is 
better to have circuts go through China than not. If they do share with the 
US then you're just equally screwed if the circut goes through there or not.

China exit nodes may be a cause of the ever-more-frequent "Connection: close" 
crap I get when trying to view pages, though. That happens so frequently now 
that that alone makes using Tor sour.

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