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Re: Non-technical Tor-related debates on OR-talk (was: court trial against me)

> > Can we start a tor-legal-matters and/or tor-misc-chatter lists to
> > resolve this problem?
> Tor is the technology side, but it has a political and legal side too,
> which should be allowed to talk about, how far it likes to go. Okay,
> maybe in another or-list, but generally there is to provide room for
> such discussions, since as tor user or as node operator we are a part of
> such matters automatically.
> I don't like to leave the Tor branch to talk about such topics, since we
> are a special kind of "family", thought..

I truly believe that the political and legal sides of Tor are actually more 
important than the pure technical issues. We need debates about people being 
chastised for using Tor[1] and server admins being arrested[2] and on and on.

I think non-technical talk is important and should be allowed on OR-Talk. That 
being said: Those debates do require us who take part in them to think 
carefully about what really is Tor-related legal & political talk and what 
isn't, the line between what's somehow politically related and what's not is 
thin and blurry and quite easy to cross.

[1] http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/02/08/2112258
[2] http://www.cnet.com/surveillance-state/8301-13739_1-9779225-46.html

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