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Re: court trial against me -

Really, I do not see why this cannot be discussed on the list. It is
crucially related to the entire purpose; origin of Tor. Without the need
for sidestepping gov., corporate and other tyrannies, my guess is there
would be very little need for Tor. Was it Shaw that said that the truth
can only be told in two ways-anonymously and posthumously?

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 11:13:42 +0100, "BlueStar88"
<BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> Andrew Del Vecchio schrieb:
> > Can we start a tor-legal-matters and/or tor-misc-chatter lists to
> > resolve this problem?
> Tor is the technology side, but it has a political and legal side too,
> which should be allowed to talk about, how far it likes to go. Okay,
> maybe in another or-list, but generally there is to provide room for
> such discussions, since as tor user or as node operator we are a part of
> such matters automatically.
> I don't like to leave the Tor branch to talk about such topics, since we
> are a special kind of "family", thought..
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