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Re: Tor blocking german nodes

On Sat, 2007-11-24 at 10:44 +0100, Andrew wrote:
> kazaam schrieb:
> > All german nodes (entry,middle and exit) are forced to log who
>  connected to them and what they manipulated on the packet. 
> So if you are accidently just connected to german nodes they got you. 
> There's afaik no way in tor to prevent that this happens. 
> Maybe blocking all german nodes would be too much and as you
>  said destroying the network but at least there have to be taken
>  care that not more than 1 node comes from germany.
> >   
> Sadly, what you say is true. Precautions have to be implemented in Tor
> that no more than one node from Germany is chosen for any connection. We
> should ask tor development to implement such a feature until 12/2008,

I agree with your post, both the point of view of implement
 this new feature in Tor (beware from partitioning issue, however)
 and the need not to overreact.

But I strongly suggest to discuss more and warn about using the
 600+ router from China.

Consider two facts:

1) mout are born in few weeks
2) all of them are exit router, no other
 country has more than 50%

Add them and add a very small quantity of paranoy.

German situation is that of a nation full
 of crypto hacktivist that mus face a new
 law in two year

China (and another country maybe) are
 a Big Brother with certificate of authenticy.

mMybe a little press coverage on this is due.

A lot of naive Tor users think that those
 are chinese dissidents, reallly!

JM2EC.   Marco

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