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Re: court trial against me - the outcome

Hi Mark, everyone,

On Nov 26, 2007 5:01 PM,  <mark485anderson@xxxxxx> wrote:
> There is this old tenet that frogs in water that is gradually heated
> don't notice they are being boiled alive. This is what is happening to
> America. The changes are not coming quickly or severely enough for our
> apathetic, somewhat stupid populace to be alarmed enough to do
> something. Either that and/or we are too cowardly to act. It is a pity
> because America was founded on great principles, at least on paper. What
> a shame we are allowing a corrupt government and political system to rob
> us of our Constitution and our heritage. The internet is coming
> increasingly under attack. How much longer will it take before the dark
> forces that are stealing our rights away have total control over the
> internet, our use of it and our privacy? I see alot of web pages and
> rhetoric, but only a few are taking actions, which is understandable
> considering the heavy handedness of our present governments towards
> Citizens who go against the grain.
As an US citizen and Tor user I fully agree with you Mark. I've been
greatly saddened the past few years to see our constitutionally
declared freedoms eroded away by a corrupt government. While there are
plenty of us who are still alert and doing what we can, the vast bulk
of of US population reminds me of the sheep in Orwell's "Animal Farm".
Concerning Tor and the Internet,I think it's extremely important that
we find and maintain secure, private means to communicate and make use
of the Web.  My hat is off to the developers of Tor and other software
aimed to keep us free.
Patrick <<< sick and tired of hearing "Safety Good, Freedom Bad, Safety.......