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3 Hops

Hello to all.
I use the Tor Browser Bundle on a USB as I can only access the internet from cafes in the country in which I live. Using a proxy is now illegal here.
I have several questions.
 I know that Tor uses three (3) hops once it has accessed the internet. If I use Tor to connect to the internet (as I'm assuming the extracted Bundle does) is that done in a 3 hop manner?
When I am using Tor (in the Tor network), then my IP is shown as something other than mine and from a different country. Okay fine, according to torcheck.org

But, what if I go directly to Hidden Services (the Hidden Wiki)? Is that done in 3 hops and what about inside, where the addresses are all .onion? Are those also done in 3's and am I correct to assume that inside those .onion addresses everything is encrypted, meaning I am completely  anonymous while in there?

Now, what about exiting Hidden Services and then exiting the internet connection? Are those in 3's and is there way to exit the internet that is safe and a way that isn't recommended?
Always wondered about that. Once backing out of the Tor network, what is revealed? Is my real IP address now in the clear or simply clear for anyone to see? I shut down Vidalia, exit and everything goes away.
Just curious. Thanks