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Re: 3 Hops

On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 04:05:11AM -0500, zzzjethro666@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>  Hello to all.
> I use the Tor Browser Bundle on a USB as I can only access the internet from cafes in the country in which I live. Using a proxy is now illegal here.
> I have several questions.
>  I know that Tor uses three (3) hops once it has accessed the internet. If I use Tor to connect to the internet (as I'm assuming the extracted Bundle does) is that done in a 3 hop manner?


Tor client -> entry guard -> middle hop -> exit relay -> website

So your traffic goes through three Tor relays.

> When I am using Tor (in the Tor network), then my IP is shown as something other than mine and from a different country. Okay fine, according to torcheck.org
> But, what if I go directly to Hidden Services (the Hidden Wiki)? Is that done in 3 hops and what about inside, where the addresses are all .onion? Are those also done in 3's


The circuit you use to the hidden service is six hops:

Tor client -> entry guard -> middle hop -> rendezvous point ->
middle hop* -> middle hop* -> entry guard* -> Tor client*

And the ones with stars are chosen by the hidden service's Tor, so it
can get its anonymity from you. Basically, the hidden service design
glues two Tor circuits together.

>and am I correct to assume that inside those .onion addresses everything is encrypted, meaning I am completely  anonymous while in there?

Everything is encrypted between your Tor client and the Tor client
that offers the hidden service. No external parties get to read it.
I wouldn't go so far as to call that "completely anonymous", given that
the hidden service gets to read it and you don't know who that is.

> Now, what about exiting Hidden Services and then exiting the internet connection? Are those in 3's and is there way to exit the internet that is safe and a way that isn't recommended?
> Always wondered about that. Once backing out of the Tor network, what is revealed? Is my real IP address now in the clear or simply clear for anyone to see? I shut down Vidalia, exit and everything goes away.

I don't understand this part of the question.


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