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Re: [tor-talk] Darknet Sites Shutdown

> http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29950946
> Does anyone know if this was user or operator error, or
> vulnerabilities in application used that the FBI know about and are
> actively exploiting? Basically does anyone how they managed to take
> so many 'hidden' services?
> I can't believe that 400 sites all made stupid mistakes thus
> revealing their identity. Therefore they must have had an exploit
> that they are using to take down all these sites (either in tor or
> some other application).

"The BBC understands that the raid represented both a technological
breakthrough - with police using new techniques to track down the
physical location of dark net servers"

They do have the capability to locate Tor hidden services at this point.

To those who want to pretend otherwise: The first step to fixing a
problem is to admit that it exists. There is no point in pretending
these .onion sites are secure anymore. The only interesting question
now is: How can this be fixed?

They could simply look for high amounts of Tor traffic and pull the
plug in IPs whos traffic pattern look like it may be a hidden service
and see if anything goes down.

Regardless of how it is actually done: It seems perfectly clear that
they are able to identify the servers hosting hidden services. Those
who pretend otherwise at this point are either cointelpro/military/law
enforcement or morons.

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