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Re: [tor-talk] Cloak Tor Router

And 5 "do not send anything outside", no? Usually you can restrict with your ISP box but can you trust it?

What happens if you connect directly your PC to the Cloak with a cable?

Maybe the concept of several wifis is good but I don't see it very usable, not sure what would be the security requirements for this but assuming that I am trusting my local network why not a simple web interface where you can configure the same for any device connected to the box:

- do not allow anything outside
- allow all traffic outside Tor
- force everything through Tor (warning: close your bittorrent clients)
option: the Cloak could detect the bittorrent traffic
- force eveything through Tor except torrents
- force ssl through Tor, non ssl outside


Le 05/11/2014 05:19, Lars Boegild Thomsen a écrit :
On Sunday 02 November 2014 00:47:40 coderman wrote:
even a simple one time, "You are about to route your traffic over the
Tor network. Turn off your torrents and don't upgrade poorly written

the zero guidance to unsuspecting is what i am most concerned about;
even basic captive portal warning would be a benefit.
I will definitely look into this one.  This should be quite easy to implement by messing a bit with the firewall tables :)

Only problem I see is that to make it useful I think it would have to time out at some point.  One example I have bought up a few times is my cheap and rather chatty media player.  I have not dug into the details exactly but I _know_ it "phones home" regularly and it is definitely a use case where the Tor browser bundle would be impossible.  Problem is that one is unattended so if I were to do a captive portal kind of page and that would require a positive acceptance, the Cloak would be useless for this scenario.

Number of wireless networks are not an issue so I _am_ beginning to think that more than two is necessary.  For example:

1. Open - Open network - no Tor
2. Transparent proxy - all tcp traffic allowed - forced through Tor - everything on separate circuits  - captive warning
3. Transparent proxy as 2 minus captive portal (for gadgets or someone who know what they are doing)
4. Isolating proxy - only https allowed - forced through Tor - everything on separate circuits and everything else blocked

It is not really a problem to make more than two so if this makes the Cloak more flexible I'd say it's the way to go.

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