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Re: [tor-talk] "Hidden Services" vs "Onion services"

Katya, and all,

SOOOOooooo why don't we use sensible, plain language and stick to it to distuingish ourselves from them?
Hacker wouldn't have the currency it has if a large part of the pudgy, pizza-eating photophobes didn't perpetuate it for dramatic self-interest.


>> I think the use of 'dark' is not neutral and it hides a moral
>> geography of the Net, which might appeal to some of the 'insiders'
>> too. I also think that the anti-terrorism, anti-immigrants,
>> anti-whatever symbols (all 'dark' of course) are serious attacks to
>> Internet freedom too.
> Thanks Paolo.
> I agree with everything you said, but the big issue I see is that the
> media is already using the term 'dark', and my impression is that once
> they think they are on to a good thing they will stick with it. It's
> hard to change these things. Think "hacker" -- the original term is
> lost to the greater public.
> I would be *very* happy to be proven wrong!
> --
> kat

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