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[tor-talk] What is mean "Guard context default"

I'm under harassment, always under watching. At several year I have
accumulated a collection of bad (aggressive) tor hosts and networks.I
append those to torrc
https://goo.gl/XKdEoT (google docs)

It always worked, but today it broke. I can't change first gateway
( despite the fact that it is explicitly prohibited by
the ExcludeExitNodes rule (forbidden all
(tor renamed to firefox, and i've the svchost-spy on my public terminal)
https://goo.gl/TjHkeQ (png image)

It's a hostile host-agent. It turn up my requests through a hostile territory.
https://goo.gl/sbWMTo (png image)

Why the ExcludeExitNodes is not working and what is a simple way for
reliably control that?

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