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Re: [tor-talk] >600 Tor relays without ContactInfo and similar properties

I doubt excludenodes does any good, as tpo stated the behavior of how Tor will react to it is not studied well and might be disabled in the future. Aside from that just because too many nodes puppet up or you feel suspecious doesnt necessary be worse than any old trusted node located within spying countries like US or UK or Germany..etc or even anywhere. What im trying to say is we need permanent design mitigation to solve that not temporary blockage of x or y then another a and b will pop up and the game continues forever...

On 26.10.2020 00:54, nusenu wrote:

These 600 (and other) are easy to block in torrc:
ExcludeNodes Unnamed,default,ididnteditheconfig

tor's man page disagrees:
       ExcludeNodes node,node,...
           A list of identity fingerprints, country codes, and address
           patterns of nodes to avoid when building a circuit.

You're right. I read that in Jens Kubieziel's German blog. (very old pages) Nicknames were allowed earlier? Country codes are too error-prone. My exits are in Luxembourg. Tor Metrics shows it wrong in the US. :-( https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#search/family:6D6EC2A2E2ED8BFF2D4834F8D669D82FC2A9FA8D

Banning nicknames in ExcludeNodes is than a missing feature by me.

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